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I guess it was good that I suggested you all wait until May 1st in order to put tender plants into the garden.  It’s supposed to SNOW tonight and tomorrow!

Also, up until yesterday, the “comments” section of this page was not working. I have fixed that, so you should be able to add comments now, and I hope you will.  I have gotten some feedback.  Some of that has been via email since the comments link did not work.  Everyone I heard from enjoyed the seminar and are waiting for another. You will find the comments link at the bottom of this posting. Just click on the “leave a comment” link. If there are already some comments there, it will give the number of comments as well. Just click on that. You will see the comments and at the end there will be a place for you to add your words of wisdom!

I hope to accommodate a new seminar soon.  I am going to contact a few other Inns and perhaps even a new business or two.  This is a good way for them (Inn or business) to attract people into their facility to see what they have to offer.  Often we don’t go inside a new place because we’re feeling a bit “shy” about that.  A seminar however, will give you a good excuse to go in and “check it out”.

If you can think of an Inn or business that might fit this bill, either let me know or let THEM know and we can get together and generate a seminar!


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We had a good time.  There were about 15 of us at the Hayloft Inn.  There were new gardeners and experienced gardeners.  We talked about what do now that winter is more or less DONE!  It was noted that there was a hard frost last night and we should all be patient and try to wait until May 1st before setting out tender plants.

We talked a lot about a Compost pile or bin, and how important compost is to the garden.

We talked about bulbs; how and when to split the clumps; how to mark them so you can find them when it’s time to split them up.  There was discussion about landscaping cloth and how it can generate more trouble than it’s worth.

We also discussed raking out, feeding and watering (hopefully, not needed if we use mulch).  Then there were ticks, showers and proper clothing.

I’m hoping that I get some comments from those that attended.  The feedback would be very helpful for me in planning future seminars.

At this point, I’m trying to generate a topic.  Maybe “Critters in the Garden”, or   “Compost-How to Make It and Use It!”  Someone suggested a talk on “Design”.  I think that one could be a bit tough as we’ve all got such different needs and requirements.

My MAIN goal is to convince gardeners that all you need is COMMON SENSE to be a good gardener!

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