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I have had a number of requests for copies of the handouts from people who have not been able to attend the Seminars.  I’ve thought hard and long about that and what I should do about it.  I would like to just make them available for anyone who would like to have them, but…

It takes me quite a few hours to pull them all together.  Then there’s the inevitable trip to Staples to make copies which involves gas and of course, the cost for copying them.  And, as I do more and more seminars on different topics, there will be more available.

At the moment, I have decided to charge $5.00 for each set of handouts for those who are not at the seminars, or who would like an extra copy. I would include postage in that fee, if you live at a distance (within the USA of course!)

What I would really like to do is to pull a CD together that would have all of the past handouts on it, including a full year of Gardening Chores.  I think that could be quite handy.  They (CD’s) would be easy to have “on hand” at the seminars, and equally easy to mail to folks who might be interested in a specific seminar that they are not able to attend.  All I have to do is figure out how to do that.  Some of the handouts are easy because they are either on the computer or can be pulled from the internet.  However, there ARE those that I have taken from various publications and books.  They would have to be scanned and inserted.  I have some work ahead of me.  If anyone has any ideas for me about that, it would surely be worth a future CD if it works!  I think, since I use a Mac, I also need a guinea pig who would try the CD on a windows machine to be sure it works there!  Any volunteers?

I would charge the cost of a Seminar ($10.00) for the CD’s once I get them going.  I think they will be worth it as they will have a lot of information from which you could pick and choose.

I am sending this out as an email to my mailing list.  It is also posted on the blog.  I just want you all to know what is available and how you can obtain information if you are not able to attend a seminar.

You may either email me with the request to ncmgardener@gmail.com, or  send it with a check including your address of course to: North Country Maturing Gardener; PO Box 2; North Haverhill; NH 03774

Thank you all so much for your support.  I am enjoying this thoroughly and I hope you are as well!



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I’ve been having fun preparing for the June 1st seminar at Rising Spirit Yoga.  The only problem is there is SO much I could cover.  BUT, there’s a limit on ANYONE’S attention span.  I’ve got to fit this into an hour, with lots of time for the inevitable questions.

I’ve also had fun getting hand-outs prepared.  I want to be sure they are useful to every gardener, new or experienced.  (Notice, I didn’t say “old”.)  So far there are 6 handouts.  I think they will be well received.  I’ve got one on Horticultural Hardiness Zones; Basic Information on Composting; Understanding Soil Test Results; the promised list of perennials with their color, height and time of bloom; how to understand your fertilizer bag numbers; and of course 2 months of gardening chores.

The next seminar will be on the New Gardener with the Established Garden.  I’ll probably use the same handouts with a few more added.  If you can’t get to the June 1st seminar, be sure to come on the 12th of June, which is a Saturday.  The slant will be a bit different, so if you’re new to this gardening hobby, I hope you’ll get to both.

If you haven’t signed up yet, call Joy Fichiera at (802) 866-5980, or write an email to risingspirityoga@hotmail.com to reserve a spot, since there is limited seating.  At this point I’m quite sure you can still be accommodated.

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On June 1, 2010, at 9:00 AM, Annemarie Godston will offer a

Bridge to the Garden Seminar on


New Gardener-New Garden!

at Rising Spirit Yoga

Wells River, VT

Call (802) 866-5980, or write an email to risingspirityoga@hotmail.com to reserve a spot, since there is limited seating.

The seminar will cost $10.00 per person.

Joy Fichiera at Rising Spirit Yoga will offer a Gardening Yoga experience following the Gardening Seminar at 10:00 AM.  The yoga will cost an additional $10.

Rising Spirit Yoga is located on Main Street in Wells River, Vermont, on the second floor of the historic Old Village School.

Joy and I felt it would be fun to tie together gardening and yoga for a full morning of learning.

The gardening seminar will be followed by an hour of yoga specifically designed for gardeners!

The topic “Garden Planning” has been chosen to help all those new to gardening, or those looking for a bit more information on how to plan a garden from scratch.

Among the handouts, I hope to provide at least a zoning map, a list of some appropriate ‘one size fits all’ plants, and a gardening calendar for the summer.

I hope to see you there!

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I have a number of Gardening Seminars set up over the next few months.  I also hope to add a few more.

I’ll be doing two seminars at Rising Spirit Yoga, in Wells River, VT, with a yoga session for gardeners immediately following one of them.

I will be doing a free seminar for elderly and infirm citizens at the Horse Meadow Senior Center in North Haverhill, NH.

I will also be doing a few seminars at Bishop B&B in Lisbon, NH in July and August.

Some of these will be offered on week-days or evenings, others will be on Saturday mornings or afternoons.  I am so pleased that these seminars seem to be going well and are appreciated by those attending.  If you know of some business or Inn that might like to offer a seminar, please let me (or them) know and maybe we can work something out.

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OK!  I did it!  Today I went and spoke with the Director of Horse Meadow Senior Center .  This is the Haverhill Senior Center which is just down the street from the Grafton County Complex on Dartmouth College Highway.  I offered to do a free seminar for those who spend their days at the senior center .

They will not be charged for this seminar.  I will assume that that will be my contribution to the community.  I will aim this seminar toward seniors who have a very difficult time getting around in the garden.  Perhaps they have to be content with just sitting and enjoying, rather than getting “down and dirty”.  We will talk about how totally relaxing it can be to immerse yourself in the flora and fauna around us.  Perhaps we will also talk about how to plant a small container to be kept on the porch or deck.  Even that can draw insects and hummingbirds while they enjoy a relaxing few minutes sitting quietly.

If there are those of you who have aging parents (or clients) who might enjoy this, I hope you will consider bringing them.  It should be a pleasant hour or so.

I will post details about time and date as soon as they are “carved in marble”.  Stay tuned!

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I’m thinking of doing a seminar for seniors. There are many folks who are aging but yet want to be out in the garden. I thought it might be fun to do a seminar that targets THEM. Perhaps one that talks about how to just ENJOY the benefits of being in, and therefore, part of the garden. I guess (kind of) finding spirituality in the garden. Being able to totally immerse ourselves there, and transform our minds into total relaxation while being part of a special place, would be a wonderful experience, wouldn’t it? Too often we spend our lives rushing from place to place and chore to chore. How do we slow down and just “enjoy”?
It would also be good to talk a bit about “container gardening” which would be easy to deal with for those arthritic hands and knees. A matter of planting a container without needing help all the time.
It would have to be offered in a Senior Center. I would also want the price to be within reach for their fixed income.
What do you, my readers, think? Any ideas?

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