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I HOPE you will make a comment below this blog to let me know what you think of my new idea.

The other day, I helped with some pruning and advising on gardening in the community where we live.  It was surprising to me that the two gentlemen who were working with me, had NO idea how to separate hosta so they could be replanted elsewhere.  Neither of them had ever done any transplanting.

Then this morning I had a thought which might just be of interest to those of you who have attended my seminars.  What would you think of going to the home of someone who really needed “hands on” help with a specific gardening problem?  It could be transplanting, pruning, curing compost issues, mulching, etc. etc. etc.

We could meet at the person’s home.  We could look at and hear about the problem.  We could talk about it a bit and I could either demonstrate or instruct the participants on how to deal with the issue.  We could watch and learn as the work transpired.  If there would be those of you that would like to jump right in and learn by doing, so much the better.  (I would encourage you to bring appropriate tools and gloves.  I could indicate to you before the workshop which tools to bring.)

What do you think?  Would this be something that would be more appealing than the seminars?  Or maybe we could do a seminar and follow it up with a workshop setting.  The only problem is that this would be a bit dependent on weather.

I would need to know ahead of time what the issue to be tackled would be.  Even though I am a Master Gardener, that doesn’t mean I’m a horticulturist!  I might need to bone up on the topic at hand.  I would also like to generate some handouts that you could each take home for further study and clarification.

If you feel a bit intimidated about having someone come to your “less than perfect” garden, leave your fears at the bridge!  We’re ALL there.  We ALL need to learn.  We ALL need help!  The best way to do that is to have a problem that we can tackle.  This would be a way to get help right where you need it!

If we combined the seminar and the workshop, would we do one on one day, and the other another day?  Or both the same day?

What do you think???  Is it a crazy idea?  Or one that would fly?


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I am canceling the Seminar this Saturday, June 12th, due to lack of interest.
There will be two seminars in July. One will be held at the Horse Meadow Senior Center and the other at Bishop B&B. There will also be one in August at Bishop B&B. Stay tuned!
Please visit this site again to weigh in on my thoughts for changing the format of the seminars. I will probably notify folks on my email list of that as well.

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On Saturday, June 12, 2010, at 10:30 AM

Annemarie Godston will offer a Seminar on

Garden Planning

For the New Gardener with an Established Garden

at the Rising Spirit Yoga in Wells River.

Call Annemarie at 603-787-6771, or send an email to ncmgardener@gmail.com to reserve a spot, as there is limited seating.

The seminar will cost $10.00 per person.

Rising Spirit Yoga is located upstairs at 74 Main Street, Wells River, VT  (in the old Village School.)

This particular seminar will focus on New Gardeners who have found themselves with an Established Garden.  This can create it’s own issues.  We will try to make it a lot less overwhelming.  We will talk about dividing perennials, decisions on trees and shrubs, just what to try to do yourself, and what you might need help with!

I’m sure any gardener will find this useful and I hope you won’t hesitate coming just because you’re not a new gardener.  We all continue to learn, and maybe we can learn some tips from you as well!

Among the handouts will be directions for dividing perennials, some guidelines for “when to divide what”, as well as a few handouts that were included last time, like a zoning map, a list of some appropriate ‘one size fits all’ plants, and a gardening calendar for the summer.

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We had a good time this morning.  There were only 5 of us, but that was OK.  It meant we had plenty of time to deal with individual issues.  We covered the topic and are ready to move on to the “New Gardener in an Established Garden”.  That will be in a few weeks, also at Rising Spirit Yoga.

It is hard to cover everything thoroughly, which is why it’s good to be able to attend a few different seminars.  What isn’t covered in one, will probably be touched on in the next.  Also, you can bring your specific questions!

I hope those of you who attended might add a comment or two here that would help me plan future seminars to meet your needs.   I also hope you will be able to attend the next seminar, when I plan to go into greater depth on some things we discussed today.

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There’s still room in this mornings seminar, so if you’re free and it’s not too late, come on down to Wells River, VT and join us for a gardening seminar on “Garden Planning for the New Gardener, with a NEW Garden!  You don’t need to call, I’m sure there’s room.

Joy will also offer Yoga for the Gardener after the seminar.  It’ll be fun!

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