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Usually I don’t ask members of my ILEAD classes to do any homework other than enjoy their gardening. This year however, I will ask everyone to pick either a “pest” or a “helper” in the garden and give a brief report on it. We will do that during the second hour of each class. After our coffee break, we’ll hear a report on both a pest and a helper. I think that should be fun, and we’ll ALL learn a bit more about what “critters” add to (or take from) the garden!


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I will be offering a gardening course at ILEAD this next Winter Term (January through March 2011). I thought I would post information about it here since this is my Seminar/Course page. If you by any chance, are interested in taking this course, you can find information on it soon at the ILEAD web-site. I say “soon” because the fall courses are the ones being advertised right now. I have just given in my information, so it will be a little while before it’s entered there.
However, I will enter information about the course here. I will also use this site as the ILEAD class informational site for those who sign up for the course. If you are interested in what we will be doing, just stay “tuned” here. I will give out assignments and extra information on this site, so it should be interesting to watch over the next few months.
If I offer a seminar other than the ILEAD course, it will also be entered here.

Here is the ILEAD Course Description for “A Year in the Life of Your Garden”.

This course will take you through a year in your garden. We will begin in the winter when your dreams seem to be expressed in pictures. We will share various books and magazines and see how they can help us. We will compare catalogs offering us information about our plants, both real and imaginary. Catalogs can be a gardening encyclopedia if we know what we are looking at, so we will learn to read their “codes” and choose the very best plant material for our little corner of the world.
When it is still early in the year, we will have a vegetable expert from the New Hampshire Extension Service talk to us about our “farming” techniques. Here is where you will find out about what to plant, how to do it and when. You will learn which veggies are the best and easiest to grow in our climate.
As the course progresses, we will talk and learn about what we should be doing, as each season impacts our garden.
Finally, we will learn how to help our garden make it through the winter, so we can begin the process all over again next year!

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