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Today, I got my course roster and the syllabus, as I’m sure you have as well. I’m so glad to see we have a full class of 18 people!
I am hoping one of you may step up to be the Class Representative. This is a pretty easy job. It involves setting up folks to provide snacks for our break, which is certainly not a requirement, but a little “nibble” is often quite welcome. It also involves being sure we have our name tags every week (they are found in the ILEAD office) and taking attendance at the same time. Lastly, the Class Rep. rides herd on us to be sure we hand in our evaluations at the end of the course. If you would be willing to take on this responsibility, please drop me an email at ncmgardener@gmail.com.
I will add to this blog from time to time during the course, so feel free to check it any time. As you can see from past posts, I also list my Seminars here.
I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you and comparing gardening insights!


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